Yellowkeet, Inc Company Announcement

If anyone knows me, they know that I am an avid hockey fan. I thoroughly enjoy the speed of the game, while anticipating the opponents next move. Wayne Gretzky, #99, who was one of the best hockey players to ever live, once quoted “Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” Wise words in not only a game of strategy, but in my opinion, business and life in general.

When we started Yellowkeet Technology Group in 2014 we knew we were destined for great things. Our first big milestone came in the later part of 2014 when we developed an international team of professionals, allowing us to work on projects for our customers 24 hours a day, Monday through Saturday. In 2015 we hit another major milestone, when we became known as Yellowkeet, Inc. The achievements kept coming, and in 2016 when we reached a national clientele, providing our remote services to areas outside of Tennessee, and throughout the continental United States.

Well, we are now proud to announce another major milestone for our company in 2018. An achievement that we are particularly proud in. One that will not only allow us to continue to grow as a corporation, but one that will allow us to be strategic in the services that we offer and propel us forward in providing the absolute best service we can for you, our valued customer.

I am proud to announce the launch of our new divisions under the Yellowkeet, Inc umbrella. Starting this month, you will start to see and become familiar with our new divisions of Perimeter IT Help Desk Services, and the Perspective Website Design Group.

Perimeter IT Help Desk Services will become the new Computer, Network and Phone Support team, and will be geared towards providing quality, secure, remote solutions for your computer and network systems. We will continue to provide the great service that you are used to but strive even harder to put additional tools and staff in place, in order to increase our remote support presence. With a 97% resolution rate as our goal into 2019 and forward, you should seldom have to have a technician in your way during critical business hours. We will still offer an onsite presence for that remaining 3% that just can’t be resolved remotely, by leveraging skilled teams of onsite only support professionals.

Perspective Website Design Group will be geared towards providing experienced website design solutions with top notch responsive websites and strategic SEO. With over 3.74 billion internet users in 2017, our professionals understand the critical importance of your online presence, so we will continue to build our global team of designers and continue education in this cutting-edge industry. Plans are in place to improve education by attending national seminars and online courses. With our growing team, we have already started the process of reviewing our existing client’s sites with fresh new eyes, and looking for ways to improve your company presence, based on what people are looking for online today.

We are very excited about our new divisions of Yellowkeet, Inc, and are just a phone call away to answering any questions you might have.

Soon you will start to see these division names on email correspondences, invoices, marketing materials, vehicles, and uniforms. You will also notice some new smiling faces along the way, that just can’t wait to meet and service you as a valued client. Finally, you will surely be seeing more of me as I make my rounds over the next few months to do onsite visits, in my new role as President of Sales & Marketing for both divisions.

This is an exciting time, and we are certainly poised and ready, for the puck.

Thank you.

David Apuzzo


Sales & Marketing

Perimeter IT Help Desk Services a Division of Yellowkeet, Inc

Perspective Website Design Group a Division of Yellowkeet, Inc