Important Information

Public policies, procedures, and personal choices will change the way we interact for at least the coming weeks and possibly longer. We intend to continue providing the same level of service you’re accustomed to regardless of COVID-19 implications.

To support this, all Divisions of Yellowkeet, Inc have implemented a mix of internal policies and procedures to minimize the possible spread of the virus while also maintaining normal business operations and keeping our people fully available to you so you can run your business.

While we are temporarily halting all non-critical meetings and travel both in and outside of our offices, you should continue to contact our employees as you have in the past. In summary, we are open for business and our remote support teams are fully available to you in the same way we were prior to the heightening impact of COVID-19.

Yellowkeet Technology Group

Dave Apuzzo, President of Yellowkeet Technology Group recently paired up with Shane Phillips, Owner of Pro Sign this past weekend to help Heart of the City Playground in Cookeville TN. Their efforts provided marketing materials in the form of a 7′ main stage banner for Heart of the City. Yellowkeet Technology Group commends this local non profit organization for taking on the challenge of raising money for a new children’s playground to be built in Dogwood Park. Despite inclement weather, Heart of the City was able to raise money that will go directly to a brand new children’s playground for this Cookeville TN community.